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Report Misuse

State law, trademark law (state, federal and international) and University policy protect the University Assets, including UCLA Marks.

  • Use of the UCLA Marks is restricted and subject to the terms of UCLA Policy 110.
  • Use of the University Names and University Seals is restricted and subject to University policy.

Unauthorized uses and uses that are contrary to UC policy, UCLA Policy 110 or the UCLA Brand Guidelines may be investigated and enforced by all reasonable and legal means.

Help us to protect the UCLA Marks by reporting any suspected violations for further investigation.

Report a violation


  • What happens if a UCLA Mark is used without permission?
  • Unauthorized uses or uses that violate UCLA Policy 110 will be investigated, and the restrictions set forth in the policy will be enforced by all reasonable and legal means.
  • How can I tell if a UCLA Mark is being used improperly?
  • Some of the most obvious violations include uses that overstate UCLA's involvement with a third-party company or program, including the following:

    -Implying that the University supports a commercial product or service.

    -Overstating a connection or contribution to UCLA. 

    -Falsely implying that activities support UCLA programs.

    -Using logos or graphics so similar to the official UCLA Marks that the average person could be confused and think that UCLA is formally involved.

  • Why should I report a misuse of the UCLA Marks?
  • The UCLA Marks are valuable assets, recognized all over the world. Also, there are potential risks when the UCLA Marks are used without permission, including implied liability, damage to reputation and potentially contradictory messaging.
  • If I am using a UCLA Mark improperly, will I have a chance to fix it?
  • In many cases, violations are best characterized as misunderstandings or misinterpretations of UCLA Policy 110. We do what we can to help resolve violations so that you can move forward with confidence and in compliance with the policy. 
  • Are there any consequences if I refuse to stop using a UCLA Mark improperly?
  • If you are affiliated with UCLA, we do all that we can to find a compromise that meets your business needs without violating California Education Code Section 92000, University of California policy or UCLA Policy 110. If necessary, we are happy to schedule a consultation with supervising deans, directors or other appropriate executive leaders to resolve disagreements about the proper use of the UCLA Marks.

    If you are not affiliated with UCLA and a violation persists, the matter may be referred for further investigation and enforcement actions, including the issuance of cease and desist orders or the initiation of court proceedings.