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Our goal is to help you find a way to use the UCLA Marks to meet your objectives while adhering to policy and the UCLA Brand Guidelines.

If you have any questions, please email us, or use the link below to request a consultation.

Request a consultation

To increase the probability of approval and shorten processing time, please consider the following.

Use the "Get Started" link for any requests to use UCLA Marks. This applies to domain names, department logos, physical products, and media. You will be taken to a tool to route you to the correct destination or information depending on the type of request.
Use the "Get Started" link or contact Strategic Communications. Department logos have already been created for all UCLA departments by Strategic Communications. These are for official use and it is not per policy to create your own. If you have a non-department logo, such as for a club, pleasecontact usfor more help.
For example, you can select to request to use UCLA Marks on a physical object which will enable subsequent questions about that object that would not appear otherwise. After you select it you will see what the option represents and will have a chance to go back one step, if needed.
-If you are ordering from a specific department, this selection will help route the request to the correct person.

-Student groups should indicate the request is not official campus business.
Be sure to answer all of the questions as accurately and completely as possible to ensure your request routes as quickly as possible to the appropriate approvers.
-Consult the UCLA Brand Guidelines for instructions about how to use UCLA Marks.

-Be sure that artwork clearly shows the design details.

-Show the full context in which the UCLA Marks will appear (rather than a copy of a logo by itself).

-If the UCLA Marks will appear online, upload a screenshot (PDF) of the page.
-Use the UCLA Marks to celebrate and spotlight UCLA achievements, contributions and programs.

-Highlight and emphasize UCLA Marks and graphics over any others.

-Include taglines as appropriate, making it clear how UCLA is involved with non-UCLA events and projects (e.g., proud sponsors, presenting sponsor, research provided by, in collaboration with, etc.)

-Use action words to describe UCLA's relationship to other institutions (e.g., UCLA is collaborating with Institution X, UCLA and Institution X are planning an event, Institution X is providing funding to UCLA, etc.)

-When advertising a non-UCLA, outside event being held on campus, use the designation "at UCLA" in the same font as other event location information (i.e., do not emphasize UCLA over other text)

-Confirm all statements and statistics are factually accurate.

-Obtain graphics and logos from the UCLA Brand Guidelines.

-Clarify and specify where the UCLA Marks will appear (e.g., promotional materials, websites, social media, press releases, etc.)
-Alterations to any of the UCLA Marks is strictly prohibited; any proposed variations to existing marks should be discussed with UCLA Strategic Communications.

-Avoid copying and downloading graphics and proxy logos from websites other than

-UCLA cannot endorse, or even appear to endorse, a commercial product or company.

-Statements that may appear to endorse a commercial product or program are not permitted, even if the statement is a direct quotation from UCLA faculty of staff.

-Non-UCLA, third-party organizations should not overstate their relationship with or contributions to UCLA.

-Avoid the use of nouns like "partner" or "affiliate," which may have unintended legal implications.
UCLA Policy 110 sets forth additional requirements for uses by, for or with a non-UCLA third-party.

-Indicate the official names of all third-party entities involved in the request.

-Upload a copy of the third-party’s written permission stating that UCLA may use their mark for the requested purpose.

-No matter where the marks will appear, be sure to include a tagline to introduce the third-party mark. You have broad discretion to craft an appropriate tagline to acknowledge the third-party's involvement or contribution to UCLA (e.g., “thank you to our sponsor,” “produced in collaboration with,” “working together,” or similar).
-Include a copy of any relevant documents that help to explain or justify the use of UCLA Marks.

-If you have entered into an agreement with the third-party (e.g., MOU, LOA, co-venture agreement, etc.), upload a copy with your request so the approver can confirm the proposed use adheres to the agreement's provisions for use of name or trademark.

-Be careful not to enter into sponsorship or other agreements that may infringe upon existing campus agreements (e.g. Coca-Cola, Wescom, etc.).